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What is a vHost and how to get one

What is a vHost #

A host is the part that comes after the @ when you join a channel on IRC (For example, [you] ([email protected]) ) has joined #empornium). A vHost (aka virtual host) is a feature on Empornium irc network, that allows you to be identified with a custom host, hiding your real ISP, making some silly joke, or even ban evasion (requesting one for ban evasion will get you banned from the entire network, not just a channel).

Don’t I already have a vhost? #

By default you host is hidden by a standard vhost which everyone who registers gets (e.g. [you] ), this tutorial is if you want a custom one. For example [email protected]

Rules for vhosts #

  1. No IP vhosts, or IP look-a-likes. e.g. or 96226D5B.61EF05EF.4702A4E2.IP
  2. If your vhost can, is, or could possibly be an actual domain you need to be able to prove you own that domain. e.g. or
  3. No impersonating private organizations which have government affiliation (MPAA, RIAA, etc.). We don’t want any trouble with them.
  4. No vhosts that contain the words forum, ircop, admin, network, or any IRCop’s nick. e.g. admin.irc or
  5. You are only allowed to change your vhost once every 28 days. Spamming the system with frequent requests will result in a ban from the vhost system.
  6. If you are caught abusing vhosts to evade bans, you will have your vhost removed and banned from the network for a minimum of 3 days.
  7. No racist words. *Note – What is considered racist/derogatory is subject to discretion by vhost setter.
  8. No references to other networks/spamming. (e.g.,
  9. No references to “kiddy”-like activity.
  10. Your vhost must contain at least one period
  11. We do not offer vIdents (the part before tha @ ) but if you use a seperate IRC Client you should be able to change your ident in it’s settings

How to request a vhost #

So your vhost meets all the rules first you need to be registered with NickServ. Once that is done simply enter:

/hs request

When it has been approved it will automatically set itself as your host, and each time you subsequently identify each time you connect.