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Are you using our round robins?

As we explain on our Servers page, you often achieve the best connection by connecting to the server geographically closest to you. To do this, you can find the closest server on the map and then connect to for example, would be a good choice if you were in Europe.

Geographical Round Robins #

You can also choose a pool of servers that are near you by using our round robin addresses. The biggest round robin pool is also the most general one (and the one most clients use on their pre-populated server lists): That round robin includes all the Digital IRC servers.

If you want to choose a smaller pool, you can use one of these round robins, based on your geographical area:

Special Connection Round Robins #

We also have round robins based on pools of servers with special capabilities. If you need these features, use one of these options:

All Servers support ssl connections on port 6697 and mibbit connections.