What is a vHost and how to get one

What is a vHost
A host is the part that comes after the @ when you join a channel on IRC (For example, [you] (webchat@SilentZombies-2C774A64.your.isp.net) ) has joined #empornium). A vHost (aka virtual host) is a feature on Empornium irc network, that allows you to be identified with a custom host, hiding your real ISP, making some silly joke, or even ban evasion (requesting one for ban evasion will get you banned from the entire network, not just a channel). Continue reading “What is a vHost and how to get one”

Are you using our round robins?

As we explain on our Servers page, you often achieve the best connection by connecting to the server geographically closest to you. To do this, you can find the closest server on the map and then connect to servername.digitalirc.org for example, shire.digitalirc.org would be a good choice if you were in Europe. Continue reading “Are you using our round robins?”

Using Mibbit

Digital IRC has registered with mibbit, what this means is that unlike some other networks when you connect via mibbit your IP/hostname doesn’t appear as your real name.

To use this feature specify the server irc.digitalirc.org when connecting. This tells mibbit you’re connecting to our network and to auth with our IRC servers so that your IP can be hidden.

Other addresses you can use to connect with are:

  • exodus.digitalirc.org
  • mooo.digitalirc.org
  • shire.digitalirc.org
  • irc.eu.digitalirc.org
  • irc.us.digitalirc.org

Please note that ipv6.digitalirc.org DOES NOT work with mibbit.

Can I get a custom BotServ bot?

Yes, you can! There are 2 classifications of botserv bots, Public and Private. These are detailed below.

Public Bots

Anyone may request a public bot absolutely free. These bots are available for all users to assign to their channels. However, they must be completely generic and not channel specific – for example a Spooks themed bot called HarryPearce is acceptable, whereas a bot named GamesBot for #games would not be acceptable.

You may request a bot be added in #help on Digital. When you ask, you must state a nickname, ident, hostname and Gecos – e.g. “HarryPearce harry@runs.MI5 Harry Pearce from Spooks”. Bots must be creative and worth adding. If a staff member deems your suggestion is a good one, your bot will be added and an unused bot will be deleted.

This whole process should help us provide a better range of bots to our users.

Private Bots

Private bots can have any credentials that you like and will not be available to all users. When you request a private bot, you must state a nickname, ident, hostname, Gecos and channels to which the bot should be assigned. After initial creation, you may request a single change to your BotServ bot every 30 days. A single change is counted as a change to any of the bot’s credentials or the set of channels in which it resides.

If you would like a public or private bot, come and see us in MrRandomPosted inNewsLeave a comment on Can I get a custom BotServ bot?

How to add channels to auto-join

The AJOIN command is a server-side command that keeps track of the channels you join each time you connect to Digital IRC. If you login with your nick and identify with your password, you can join all the same channels automatically. It works no matter what client you use or where you connect from since all the details are kept on the server. Continue reading “How to add channels to auto-join”

How to register a nickname

Registering your nickname on Digital IRC provides a number of benefits. The most notable of these is that registering your nickname prevents other people from using it. Once a user starts using the nickname, they will be asked to ‘identify’ to it with a password. If they fail to do so, their nickname will be changed. This helps to stop people posing as you. Continue reading “How to register a nickname”

How to make a private/restricted channel

Every channel is able to be private (+p), and/or secret (+s). The two modes are similar, but it is possible for people to find out about a channel that is marked private only (+p). Therefore, if you want a channel nobody will be able to find out about unless they’re told, it is recommended that you mark it as secret and private, +sp. Unless you are in the channel or an IRCop, the server will pretend that the channel doesn’t exist. Continue reading “How to make a private/restricted channel”