Network Maintenance

Since the network is quieting down for the holiday period we will be doing some maintenance and testing on various parts of the network.

This should start at roughly 0000 hours (GMT) this Friday (27 December 2012)

The maintenance should only last a few hours but is planned to last the entire day. This post will be updated when it is over.

The network has been updated and all services should be running normally.

Anope to atheme

As of 20 October 2012 services on DigitalIRC have moved from anope to Atheme. This move will provide more flexability for channel owner while maintaining the current functionality provided by anope, documentation on the site has been updated and all user data has been moved over.

As always if you have any problems feel free to drop by #help @

A How to guide has been created on the wiki

Why is my bot banned

So your bot can’t connect and it’s saying it has been banned from the network. This has happened because your bot was either:

  1. Spamming users, opers or channels
  2. In a channel where the channel owner hadn’t given it permission

If your bot didn’t run ident then your entire host has been banned from the network. If you bot did respond to ident then only it was banned so you can still connect to the server just not with the account the bot was on.

To appeal the ban contact an operator in #help or email opers (@) digitalirc (dot) org

Can I link two channels?

One question that is routinely asked in #help is how a channel owner can forward users from one channel to another. They usually ask this because they have changed channel names, and there is no other method available to regular users (as opposed to those with access to the IRCd configuration files); however it is also useful if the group that the channel is used by is hosting an event, and to keep the main channel manageable, want to limit it to only X amount of people, and have users that join after that go to an overfill channel. Continue reading “Can I link two channels?”

How to use the chanserv access System

On Digital IRC, we have two access systems. Standard access system, and XOP. XOP is a simplification of the access system to make things a bit easier. However, with simplification comes a loss of features.

XOP is enabled by default for newly registered channels. It has 4 ChanServ commands – VOP, HOP, AOP and SOP for auto voice, auto halfop, auto op and auto admin, respectively. See ChanServ Commands for help with those commands. Continue reading “How to use the chanserv access System”