Channel permissions

A channel on the network can have six different kinds of users. You might think of them as levels of permission and access.

They are, in increasing amount of capabilities:

  • Regular user
  • Voiced: VOP or +v
  • Half-Op: HOP or +h
  • Op: Full Op, ChanOp or +o
  • Admin: SOP, SuperOp or +a
  • Founder: +q

Regular users and voiced have no power in the channel, though voiced users can talk if the channel has been muted. All levels above voiced have some control over the moderation of the channel.

Founders have the highest level of access in the channel; with the ability to change any permissions, channel successor, etc. On DigitalIRC a channel may have up to 5 user accounts with the founder level permission but be warned founders can remove other founders so make sure you trust the people you give it to, if for some reason you need more than 5 users to have founder permission you can assign a groupserv group founder permissions as well.

The table below shows some of the channel permissions available to each level:

Capabilities VOP HOP OP SOP Founder
Can speak when channel is moderated (+m) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can change channel TOPIC Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can change Channel Modes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can Kick/Ban users with lower status than themselves Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can Voice/Devoice users (+v) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can Half-OP/DeHalf-OP users (+h) Yes Yes Yes
Can use Botserv (/bs) commands Yes Yes Yes
Can OP/DeOP users (+o) Yes Yes
Can view/add/remove AKICKs Yes Yes
Can SuperOP/DeSuperOP users (+a) Yes
Can add successor Yes
Can add founders (not recommended) Yes


Extended bans

Silencing Users with Extended Bans

You can use extended bans to set up an alternative kind of ban that will give you more options, like silencing users.

When you silence a user, you allow the person to stay in the channel, but block the person’s ability to participate in the discussion or change nicks. It’s an online equivalent of a short timeout, where the person has to sit quietly for several minutes before rejoining discussion. Continue reading “Extended bans”

Why is my bot banned

So your bot can’t connect and it’s saying it has been banned from the network. This has happened because your bot was either:

  1. Spamming users, opers or channels
  2. In a channel where the channel owner hadn’t given it permission

If your bot didn’t run ident then your entire host has been banned from the network. If you bot did respond to ident then only it was banned so you can still connect to the server just not with the account the bot was on.

To appeal the ban contact an operator in #help or email opers (@) digitalirc (dot) org

Can I link two channels?

One question that is routinely asked in #help is how a channel owner can forward users from one channel to another. They usually ask this because they have changed channel names, and there is no other method available to regular users (as opposed to those with access to the IRCd configuration files); however it is also useful if the group that the channel is used by is hosting an event, and to keep the main channel manageable, want to limit it to only X amount of people, and have users that join after that go to an overfill channel. Continue reading “Can I link two channels?”

How to use the chanserv access System

On Digital IRC, we have two access systems. Standard access system, and XOP. XOP is a simplification of the access system to make things a bit easier. However, with simplification comes a loss of features.

XOP is enabled by default for newly registered channels. It has 4 ChanServ commands – VOP, HOP, AOP and SOP for auto voice, auto halfop, auto op and auto admin, respectively. See ChanServ Commands for help with those commands. Continue reading “How to use the chanserv access System”

What is a vHost and how to get one

What is a vHost
A host is the part that comes after the @ when you join a channel on IRC (For example, [you] ( ) has joined #empornium). A vHost (aka virtual host) is a feature on Empornium irc network, that allows you to be identified with a custom host, hiding your real ISP, making some silly joke, or even ban evasion (requesting one for ban evasion will get you banned from the entire network, not just a channel). Continue reading “What is a vHost and how to get one”

Are you using our round robins?

As we explain on our Servers page, you often achieve the best connection by connecting to the server geographically closest to you. To do this, you can find the closest server on the map and then connect to for example, would be a good choice if you were in Europe. Continue reading “Are you using our round robins?”

Using Mibbit

Digital IRC has registered with mibbit, what this means is that unlike some other networks when you connect via mibbit your IP/hostname doesn’t appear as your real name.

To use this feature specify the server when connecting. This tells mibbit you’re connecting to our network and to auth with our IRC servers so that your IP can be hidden.

Other addresses you can use to connect with are:


Please note that DOES NOT work with mibbit.