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Channel permissions

A channel on the network can have six different kinds of users. You might think of them as levels of permission and access.

They are, in increasing amount of capabilities:

Regular users and voiced have no power in the channel, though voiced users can talk if the channel has been muted. All levels above voiced have some control over the moderation of the channel.

Founders have the highest level of access in the channel; with the ability to change any permissions, channel successor, etc. On DigitalIRC a channel may have up to 5 user accounts with the founder level permission but be warned founders can remove other founders so make sure you trust the people you give it to. If for some reason you need more than 5 users to have founder permission you can assign a groupserv group founder permissions as well.

The table below shows some of the channel permissions available to each level:

Capabilities VOP HOP OP SOP Founder/Owner
Can speak when channel is moderated (+m) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can change channel TOPIC Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can change Channel Modes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can Kick/Ban users with lower status than themselves Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can Voice/Devoice users (+v) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can Half-OP/DeHalf-OP users (+h) Yes Yes Yes
Can use Botserv (/bs) commands Yes Yes Yes
Can OP/DeOP users (+o) Yes Yes
Can view/add/remove AKICKs Yes Yes
Can SuperOP/DeSuperOP users (+a) Yes
Can add successor Yes
Can add other founders Yes