Services Downtime

We are planning a short maintenance window for the 20th December 2013 at 12:00 GMT and should only last 1 hour. This will allow us to upgrade our services and carry out minor database management. During the downtime chanserv and nickserv authentication and channel management will be unavailable. Services will be put into read-only mode […]

Extended bans

Silencing Users with Extended Bans You can use extended bans to set up an alternative kind of ban that will give you more options, like silencing users. When you silence a user, you allow the person to stay in the channel, but block the person’s ability to participate in the discussion or change nicks. It’s […]

Network updates!

On Monday 12 August 2013 we will be migrating the network from UnrealIRCd to InspIRCd. This will allow us to have more fine grained control over the features the network offers. The downtime is planned to start at 16:00 GMT until 18:00 GMT This post will be updated when the update has happened. Update completed […]