Welcome Stirfry and Teacup

Please welcome and to the network. Both support standard SSL (port 6697) and IPv6.

Additionally we will be retiring one of our oldest servers


Channel permissions

A channel on the network can have six different kinds of users. You might think of them as levels of permission and access.

They are, in increasing amount of capabilities:

  • Regular user
  • Voiced: VOP or +v
  • Half-Op: HOP or +h
  • Op: Full Op, ChanOp or +o
  • Admin: SOP, SuperOp or +a
  • Founder: +q

Regular users and voiced have no power in the channel, though voiced users can talk if the channel has been muted. All levels above voiced have some control over the moderation of the channel.

Founders have the highest level of access in the channel; with the ability to change any permissions, channel successor, etc. On DigitalIRC a channel may have up to 5 user accounts with the founder level permission but be warned founders can remove other founders so make sure you trust the people you give it to, if for some reason you need more than 5 users to have founder permission you can assign a groupserv group founder permissions as well.

The table below shows some of the channel permissions available to each level:

Capabilities VOP HOP OP SOP Founder
Can speak when channel is moderated (+m) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can change channel TOPIC Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can change Channel Modes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can Kick/Ban users with lower status than themselves Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can Voice/Devoice users (+v) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can Half-OP/DeHalf-OP users (+h) Yes Yes Yes
Can use Botserv (/bs) commands Yes Yes Yes
Can OP/DeOP users (+o) Yes Yes
Can view/add/remove AKICKs Yes Yes
Can SuperOP/DeSuperOP users (+a) Yes
Can add successor Yes
Can add founders (not recommended) Yes



DigitalIRC is now accessible via TOR

After more than a few people asking we are now adding access to the network via TOR. Currently we will still maintain the ban we have on accessing us on our public interfaces from tor or an open proxy.

Our hidden service address is digiirc573campcs.onion on which we will only listen on with ssl on port 6697. More information about tor can be found on the TOR Project website and we highly recommend the TOR Browser Bundle.

Update 2018-11-13: Updated hidden service address


Mooo offline for maintenance

Mooo and out some of our extended services will be going offline for maintenance on Friday 28th November. This downtime is to facilitate server side updates and software updates that would normally disrupt the IRC network.

During this time the other servers & core services such as the webchat and nickserv. will remain online. Mooo will be taken out of the server pool on the 27th November to allow for DNS to update fully.


Welcome HollyWood to the network

Please welcome to the network. It’s based in Orlando, Florida and it supports standard SSL (port 6697) and IPv6.


Services Downtime

We are planning a short maintenance window for the 20th December 2013 at 12:00 GMT and should only last 1 hour. This will allow us to upgrade our services and carry out minor database management.

During the downtime chanserv and nickserv authentication and channel management will be unavailable. Services will be put into read-only mode 30 minutes before the maintenance is scheduled to start.
StatServ and the RSS bots should not be disrupted but the services web interface will also be unavailable.


The update has been completed fully and services are now all running at 100%


Extended bans

Silencing Users with Extended Bans

You can use extended bans to set up an alternative kind of ban that will give you more options, like silencing users.

When you silence a user, you allow the person to stay in the channel, but block the person’s ability to participate in the discussion or change nicks. It’s an online equivalent of a short timeout, where the person has to sit quietly for several minutes before rejoining discussion.


Pinkfloyd delinks from the network & other updates

Sad news, we have received confirmation from ^tammy^ that pinkfloyd will be permanently delinking from the network.

This would leave our western US coverage pretty thin but the provider of tubes has agreed to move it to a datacenter in LA!

We have also changed the way our main round robbin It will now forward you to one of the geographic round robins based on your location.


Network updates!

On Monday 12 August 2013 we will be migrating the network from UnrealIRCd to InspIRCd.

This will allow us to have more fine grained control over the features the network offers.

The downtime is planned to start at 16:00 GMT until 18:00 GMT

This post will be updated when the update has happened.

Update completed successfully.


Network bouncers have moved

The network bouncers have now moved to a more powerful host and now have a dedicated hostname just in case we need to upgrade to a more powerful server again.

The bouncers are now available at port 8000 for both IRC connections and for the web admin interface.